Legislation & Regulations

By Roland Murphy for Arizona Builder’s Exchange A long-running back-and-forth battle between the letter and intent of workplace safety regulations recently added another voice to the choir in a ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit. The court ruled the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has the power and authority to […]

By Roland Murphy for Arizona Builder’s Exchange Late last week President Donald Trump issued an executive order intended to advance opportunities in education, training and program transparency for American workers. The order establishes the National Council for the American Worker and the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, which are tasked with solving, “the new challenges […]

By Rebekah Morris for Arizona Builder’s Exchange Last month the Red for Ed budget bill caught the local building industry completely off-guard when it included a last-minute amendment that has far-reaching impacts on public K12 procurements. (AZBEX, May 8th) This week I had the opportunity to sit down with the Speaker of the Arizona House […]

By Rebecca Spiess for Downtown Devil A bill amending the application of a controversial Arizona tax incentive has passed through the legislature and awaits Governor Doug Ducey’s signature. The measure, House Bill 2126, passed after it was heavily amended following a long negotiation process. The bill would change slum and blight definitions and specifications regarding […]

By Mike Sunnucks for Phoenix Business Journal For Morgan Olsen it circles back to the well-worn adage of ‘teach a man to fish.’ But the problem for Olsen – CFO at Arizona State University – is that some fiscal conservatives at the Arizona Legislature don’t want the school to fish for real estate deals and its own revenue streams […]

By Mike Sunnucks for Phoenix Business Journal The Arizona Legislature is again looking at property tax breaks cities give to developers and businesses. That includes changing the rules that govern them and restricting them. Conservatives at the Legislature have been scrutinizing and targeting tax breaks called Government Property Lease Excise Taxes. Those involve cities leasing […]

By Jessica Boehm for The Arizona Republic A Maricopa County Superior Court judge has lifted a temporary construction ban on the Chinese Cultural Center, allowing the center’s new owners to move forward with removal of the iconic roof later this month. The ruling, issued this week, is a blow to the Chinese-American community that has tried to preserve the center’s cultural […]

By Roland Murphy for Arizona Builder’s Exchange Last week I compiled information from some half-dozen different articles and outlets about the ongoing copyright and anti-competition lawsuits between CoStar Group and Xceligent. It was an interesting story regarding two of the biggest players in the U.S. commercial real estate sphere. (AZBEX, Oct. 27) The quick summary: […]

By Roland Murphy for Arizona Builder’s Exchange Having covered a lot of stories that featured real violence early in my career, I try to avoid military/violent adjectives when it comes to stories about business squabbles. However, the recent turns and twists in the ongoing feud between CoStar and Xceligent are best described with terms like […]

By Roland Murphy for Arizona Builder’s Exchange About the only thing that hasn’t been covered in the tumult following President Trump’s Tuesday press conference, where he announced a new executive order to simplify the infrastructure project permitting process, has been the actual details of the order, itself. Calling the permitting process, “Badly broken,” Trump noted […]